Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Class - 9/15/2010 (Chrissy)

Warm Up

It's Not Leap Year (32 J 4C - Dances for Young Dancers)

Skip Change Practice

The Ferry Louper (32 J 3C - 24 Graded & Social Dances)
1-8      1st, 2nd, 3rd couples chase clockwise once round back to place.
9-16    1st and 2nd couples dance rights hands across and left hands back
17-24  1st couple cast off two places, dance up to the top and cast off to second place.
25-32  2nd, 1st, 3rd couples advance and retire (4 bars), all turn partner by the right once round (4 bars)

The Hyperactive Reel (32 R 3C - Graded book II)
1-8      1st couple lead down the middle and up
9-16    1st and 2nd couples dance a poussette, 1st couple ends back to back in the middle facing own sides
17-24  1st, couple dance double triangles, ending facing their own sides
25-32  1st couple dance a reel of three across the dance passing right shulder with their partner's first corner WHILE 2nd and 3rd couples dance a right shoulder reel of three on the sides. 21st couple ends in second place

Pas De Basque Intro

Poussette Intro

Blue Bonnets (32 J 2C - Book 3 )
1-8      1st woman and 2nd man advance and retire, dance back to back
9-16    1st man and 2nd woman repeat  
17-24  1st couple lead down the middle & up
25-32  1st and 2nd couples poussette


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